Client Testimonials

“Infinivan is everything anyone could want from an Internet company. I’ve been using Infinivan Fiberforbusiness for almost a year and the service is consistently exemplary. The support team is always friendly, professional, and understanding. Over the years, I established a friendship with the staff, I highly recommend Infinivan to other businesses.”

- Edward Allan MenorUbiquitous Technologies Philippines Inc. - Kings Court Building

“Slow Internet connection has become a thing of the past for us ever since we subscribed to Infinivan. Quality service promised, quality service delivered. Kudos Infinivan!”

- Marius SolivaRenardet S.A Consulting Engineers - Cityland 10 Tower 1 Building

“We experience fast and reliable connection with Infinivan. The support team is friendly and approachable.”

- Jomer BoralBughaw Digital, Inc. Pacific Star Building

“Infinivan is really fast and reliable just 21k for 25 mpbs burstable to 45 mbps. For me this is the number 1 ISP compared to others in terms of speed, cost, and reliability. We actually have 2 Infinivan subscriptions really worth paying for.”

- Mark Anthony AlhambraEon Inc. - OPL Builing

“Infinivan Fiber4Business is really fast and reliable. Our live stream of our news on social media is smooth. We’re happy that we get to deliver our content on time.”

- Shane LeeGlobal Camg Philippines - Ricogen Building

“Absoloutely blazing fast and very reliable! With our 40 mbps dedicated Internet access, we can get up to 100 mbps download speed and 70 mbps upload speed. It’s so fast that we can finish our work ahead of time.”

- Jayson CruzMisnet Education Inc. - Antel Corporate Building

“Infinivan Fiber4Business is the fastest and most reliable Internet in the Philippines compared to other providers .”

- Jeffrey PangilinanInvestor Assurance - First E=Bank Building

“Infinivan is very reliable. Our bandwidth is beyond SLA. Exceptional download and upload speed! No Internet glitches incurred since we started using Infinivan.”

- Mary Beth MirandaSandstone Technology Glass Tower Building

“Infinivan provides superb service and faster connection.”

- Rhodesia BeltranMega Life Science – Metro Drug Inc. Ace Building

“It’s really fast and reliable.”

- Leo Mark AguilarFortun, Narvasa & Salazar - Multiban Building

“Excellent connection! No doubt, it’s really fast! NOC peeps are so accommodating.”

- Moises MagnayeWuhan Fiberhome Technologies Philippines - Salustiana Building

“Infinivan has been providing us with a stable and fast Internet connection. There were only 2 instances of service disruption, but it was immediately addressed.”

- Richard LumacangGrace Asia Inc. - Jollibee Plaza Building

“Infinivan is really reliably and we are satisfied with your service.”

- Rodel CabralCallidus Ltd. - Raha Sulayman Building

“Our Infinivan Internet connection is fast.”

- Lena AbariciaMultisoftware Asia Inc. - Rufino Building

“Our Infinivan FiberforBusiness is fast and reliable. No downtime, no lags! We have many users in our 25 mbps plan in our office.”

- Eduardo CapaValens Research Asia Inc. - Philippine Stock Exchange Building

“We are happy with the service of Infinivan because it’s fast, reliable, and less expensive compared to our previous Internet service provider. I received positive feedback from my colleagues in Amsterdam after we switched to Infinivan.”

- Clark Javier TalibongSpliethoff Group Manila - Rufino Building

“After a year of subscription, we find the service reliable and stable. What I like the most is Infinivan’s proactive support and their assistance even on weekends.”

- Daniel NinofrancoVolenday Philippines - Pacific Star Building

“Our connection is really fast! Actually our subscription is only 40 mbps, but we get a speed of more than 90 mbps. Very reliable and superb service!”

- Dennis XiaoAretex Philippines Outsourcing Inc. - A&V Crystal Tower

“After trying different ISPs, I’m glad that our company subscribed to Infinivan because it’s fast and reliable. Infinivan Internet connection helps us in exchanging critical data and transferring information. I definitely recommend Infinivan to my fellow ITs. Kudos and more power to Infinivan.”

- Jericho GironOrient Integrated Development Consultant - Antel Global Building

“Infinivan is fast, reliable and less expensive that other providers.”

- Jesus FloresArmco Healthcare Services - One Corporate Center Building

“We are very satisfied with the service of Infinivan. It’s really fast and reliable. In fact, we are thinking of upgrading our bandwidth.”

- John Rogil TabangayWorld Vision International - Antel Global Building

“I have two 40 mpbs subscription with Infinivan and I’m happy because it’s fast, reliable and less expensive than others. I never regret that I switched to Infinivan.”

- Jomel BriosoRed Asia Inc. - GT Tower

“Excellent! It’s 3x faster than my last ISP. Infinivan is very reliable. I’m very thankful to the tech support and customer service for their superb work. Kudos!”

- Kevin GarciaPampharma Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals Inc. - WiFi City

“We have been using Infinivan for almost 2 years now. I must say that it’s really fast and reliable. No packet loss, no delays! We’re planning to renew our contract for the coming years. Keep it up guys! 5 stars!”

- Mark Anthony DimaanoSkiddoo Management - Kalayaan Building

“Our experience with Infinivan is really good. We get almost 40 mbps from our original bandwidth of 25 mbps.”

- Eugene PerezTUV SUD PSB Philippines Inc. - Orient Square Building

“We have been using Infinivan for almost 2 years. We’re glad that we get stable, fast, and reliable Internet. Infinivan technical support is just a one call away. More power, Infinivan!”

- Abelardo C. De LeonMobile Group Inc.

“At first, we were just planning to use Infinivan as our secondary ISP in our digital marketing business. We end up using Infinivan as our primary in our office because we have proven the reliability and consistency of the bandwidth. Our plan is 40 mbps, but we are getting 70 mbps to 80 mbps upload and download. Our country head is very satisfied with the service Infinivan. Awesome job, team Infinivan!”

- Anthony BasSurefire Social - VAR Building

“Infinivan is fast and reliable. The quality of service is great.”

- Darrel Louise O. AlmanzorUmbria Commercial Center

“As shown in our speed test result, Infinivan is really fast and reliable.”

- Jen CubacubHis Global Business Inc. - Wilcon IT Hub

“Infinivan is fast and reliable.”

- Julian Lola Jr.Forecasting and Planning Technologies - Oppen Building

“Infinivan Fiber4Business is really fast and reliable. I recommend this to other companies.”

- Ken Aira RamosCrossworld Marine Services Inc. - Sage

“Our experience with Infinivan is great! It’s supposed to be our back-up ISP, but not I’m making it our main ISP. It’s fast and reliable. My plan is only 20 mbps, but it’s bursting up to 40 mbps download and upload, a bit overkill for our company needs. ISP issues is easily resolved by the NOC team.”

- Marvin CorpinCrassula Ovata Solutions Inc. - Burgundy

“Our experience with Infinivan is awesome compared to other Internet service provider. The speed is really fast and reliable. We only avail for 25 mbps, but as you can see in our speed test result, we receive more than 38 mbps. Another thing I like about Infinivan is the sales and technical support. They provide technical assistance and visit our office in just few minutes or hours.”

- Matt Joseph BorregaGTC Global Inc. - Strata 100

“My experience with Infinivan is great. Fiber4Business is fast and reliable. No hassle in downloading or uploading files. Once we encountered a technical issue, but it was resolved by the support team in one day.”

- Philip Janus ManahonFlax Inc. - Liberty Center

“Infinivan Fiber4Business is very fast and reliable.”

- Rene BahianChung Dahm - Wilcon IT Hub