Power Up Your Current Network Capability


One of the greatest innovations in the modern day is the ability to fast-track communications and relevant business transactions through the Internet. The power of Internet connectivity is continuous and rapid in growing, making its way to support data capacity without the hassle.

With higher workload needs, comes with greater data support! By means of network capacity, every business firm must deal with different factors affecting productivity. 

Take a look at these best practices used to handle network capacity lifted from kentik.com on Network Capacity Planning 101:

  • Establish the degree to which sources, destinations, devices, users, applications, protocols, and service are generating traffic. Accurately assess the network impact of new service.
  • Measure and analyze traffic metrics to establish performance and capacity baselines.
  • Assure optimal application service delivery by identifying network bottlenecks before they impact service.
  • Understand the impact of network bandwidth utilization from a user’s perspective, including application performance KPIs and SLAs.
  • Identify the performance profile of individual devices on network infrastructure.

Moreover, in-depth understanding of the key factors such as bandwidth, latency, throughput, jitter, packet loss, and error rate must be considered to make sure that your network capacity is properly measured and planned. Sounds really efficient, right?

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By: Mhiduel Navarro