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seen among CBD areas in the Philippines
are continuously growing and demanding
for reliable and affordable Telecom Infrastructure.

An Internet Service Provider (ISP)

for businesses offering fast and reliable high-quality features at reasonable rates.

Why Choose InfiniVAN?

  • SME PLAN 25 mbps Reliable Connection No Data Cap Guaranteed Speed
  • PREMIUM PLAN 40 mbps Reliable Connection No Data Cap Guaranteed Speed
  • INFINI PLAN 100 mbps Reliable Connection No Data Cap Guaranteed Speed

All Plans are Business Grade!

About Us

InfiniVAN Inc. is a telecommunications company in the Philippines established in 2015 to provide telco network services to businesses and enterprises.
With thriving changes in today’s Filipino business landscape, Metro Manila is the core place where several businesses continue to develop and grow in the Central Business District Areas (CBDs). These CBDs demand reliable telecom infrastructure that guarantees continuous connectivity.
Strengthened by its Japanese technology InfiniVAN provides high-end, high-speed, and reliable telco features making for an ideal partner for businesses who demand quality Internet connectivity.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to become the preferred broadband internet connectivity service provider anytime, anywhere – nationwide.


Our mission is to provide an affordable and reliable internet as well as value-added services to the entire country through advanced wired / wireless connectivity using cutting edge technology.


InfiniVAN Inc. is an upstart company registered with the Securities and Exchange Company (SEC) last April 20, 2015, engaged in constructing, installing, establishing, acquiring, leasing, operating wire / wireless networks, stations and services in the Philippines.

It has been granted a congressional franchise under Republic Act 10898 to operate for twenty-five (25) years effective August 18, 2016.

Furthermore, it also has applied with the NTC for a CPCN (Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity) and after compliance with the NTC’s requirements, was issued a Provisional Authority (PA) for Luzon on November 2017 and for Visayas/Mindanao on September 2018 thus providing InfiniVan the authority to provide Broadband Internet Services nationwide.

See what our satisfied clients have to say

  • “We’re so glad that InfiniVAN started servicing corporate offices with a fast and reliable Internet service. InfiniVAN’s Internet helps our operations as it presents no downtime, reliable service and competitive pricing.” - Dennis S. Domingo
    Senior Operations Staff
    Bank Of Tokyo Lease & Finance Philippines
  • “With our previous ISP, we constantly receive numerous complains for the slow Internet connection but once we shifted to InfiniVAN, our operations became better as our production doubled.

    We then started receiving excellent feedback about the Internet. InfiniVAN has the fastest Internet we have had in our entire operational period so far.”
    - Francis Jim De Joya
    (Ricogen Building, Makati)
  • “InfiniVAN’s Internet service is exemplary! Its service has always been better and consistent compared to our previous ISPs! We’re glad to have made the shift to InfiniVAN. Everything else is better now with our workflow, thanks to a faster Internet!” - Amitabh Bey
    MultiSoftware Inc.
    Rufino Tower
  • “Infinivan surpassed my expectations in bringing in the fastest internet in corporate world.” - Cecile BacolodVirgi Law Office
    (The Peak, Makati)
  • “Having a constant communication from here to our international office in Singapore, InfiniVAN gives us fast and reliable internet speed. There’s nothing you can say about the service provided by InfiniVAN, I’m at ease knowing that we have the best internet speed connection available in the market.” - Eternal Asia Phils. Inc.
    Allen Ren Ramos (MIS)
  • “Reasonable price and exemplary technology that’s the advantage when you are using InfiniVAN in your daily operations. We are good with InfiniVAN Internet service.” - Jayson Santos (System Administrator)
    South Asia Link Finance Corp.
  • “Our BPO company is impressed with the high speed Internet and bandwidth of InfiniVAN. Thumbs up to the Customer Service staff who are always ready to answer our inquiries.” - Neil Olivenza
    IT Support
    Euro Bestist
  • As a company dealing with international partners in Germany, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, and China, we need a fast and reliable connection. Glad to say that, InfiniVAN met our Internet needs. After using InfiniVAN Fiber4Business, we’re happy to renew our contract. - Imelda Pago
    Top Style Marketing Inc.
    Executive Asst. Gilmar Bas - IT
  • “We need fast Internet connection to achieve daily targets in our media group. InfiniVAN is a great partner in delivering super-fast and reliable connectivity.” - Oliver Callueng
    Iyuno Media Group
    Managing Director

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Business Grade Internet
Following the Japanese Network Design and Quality Standards.

Single Pont of Failure Un-reliable Connection

NO Single Pont of Failure Reliable Connection – Necessary for Business

Through InfiniVAN’s state-of-the-art feature on redundancy, avoiding single point of failure for undisrupted service delivery.

Japanese Model Network

With the Japanese Network Modeling, we provide ensured high speed, low latency connectivity service to major regional datacenters and to the world.

Japanese Network Modeling is the reason why we can provide high quality service.

Service Plans

  • SME PLAN 25 mbps Php 21,600 Unlimited Usage VAT Exclusive
  • PREMIUM PLAN 40 mbps Php 34,800 Unlimited Usage VAT Exclusive
  • INFINI PLAN 100 mbps Php 84,270 Unlimited Usage VAT Exclusive

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  • What is InfiniVAN Fiber4Business?

    InfiniVAN Fiber4Business is the most reliable and fiber-based Internet for business in the Philippines. We deliver connectivity using state-of-the-art fiber Internet infrastructure. This technology helps you maximize productivity and work efficiently.
  • Why InfiniVAN Fiber4Business?

    InfiniVAN provides you with the best fiber Internet that boosts productivity. Get these benefits from InfiniVAN Fiber4Business:
    • Highly reliable and ultrafast fiber Internet
    • Unlimited usage
    • No data cap
    • Minimum rate of 25 mbps
    • Guaranteed speed based on Committed Information Rate (CIR)
    • Inclusive of 1 public IP address
    • 24/7 customer service, direct access to IT/NOC
  • What are the Internet plans offered by InfiniVAN Fiber4Business?

    Choose from our customized plans to get the fastest, most reliable and highly affordable Internet connection for your business:

    • SME PLAN 25 mbps Php 21,600 Unlimited Usage VAT Exclusive
    • PREMIUM PLAN 40 mbps Php 34,800 Unlimited Usage VAT Exclusive
    • INFINI PLAN 100 mbps Php 84,270 Unlimited Usage VAT Exclusive
  • How’s the technical support of your team?

    Since you are our top most priority, you’ll get access to our 24/7 expert technical assistance.

    InfiniVAN is committed and dedicated in providing valuable technical assistance and support with all of its clients’ needs. This is to ensure convenience service experience towards our subscribers. InfiniVAN assures 24/7 accessibility to all the issues and concerns coming from its clients.
    For more of our assistance, details, and queries – you may reach us through or give us a call at (02) 7-368 5232
  • Tell me about the company behind InfiniVAN Fiber4Business.

    InfiniVAN is a telecommunication company in the Philippines offering high-speed Internet. It is equipped with state-of-the-art fiber optic network infrastructure coupled with a nationwide Super Wi-Fi Network.
    Our company is backed by an investment group that is comprised of a Filipino-owned holding company, Corporate One, and a Japanese Type 1 International telecommunications carrier, IPS, Inc. that counts Softbank Investments and Nippon Technology Ventures Partners (NTVP) among its investors.
    The cornerstone of InfiniVAN’s reliability is its high capacity and multiple submarine cable system that connects with the global network hub in Hong Kong and other locations plus a terrestrial and submarine backbone that covers and interconnects Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.
  • What are the application requirements for InfiniVAN4Business?

    If you’re interested to get InfiniVAN Fiber4Business, please provide the following requirements:
    • SEC Certificate of Registration
    • Articles of Incorporation
    • Certification of Registration/BIR 2303
    • Business Permit
    • Lease of Contract
    • Fully accomplished Application form
    • Audited Financial Statement from previous year
    • Corporate Secretary Certificate / Authority to Transact